Maija in English

My interests

Leadership and Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Business Development, Innovations, Social Media, Job Hunt and Career Coaching, Hidden Jobs, eLearning and Pedagogy are my interests and passions.


I am a person with strong management and leadership skills and experiences, focusing on the bottom line, with strong achievement orientation. Vision-orientated, eager to take actions and see results, motivated change-oriented leader. My strong responsibility and goal-orientation have resulted in successful achievements in various branches and sectors. I am a problem solver, seeking for solutions, motivated by challenges. 

Self-starting motivated and optimistic leader with strong performance and resilience. Personally important things for me: visions, values, trust, sincerity, responsibility, in order to implement the strategy. Ability to coordinate the complexity of an organisation or tasks: policies, politics and people, also in extremely requiring environments. Working successfully in multicultural and fragmented contexts. Experienced project manager and excellent companion. Lots of valuable partnerhips in Finland and abroad.

Continuous learner, willing to facilitate others to learn in different learning environments. Understanding and methods for different learners and orientation bases. Skill to build HR competences, strong coaching grip in order to motivate personnel and co-workers. Cross-team, peer, pair and project partner, as well as independent. Ability to inspire others and draw understandable pictures for future. Strong sensory modalities; auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic. Reflective thinking style, accustomed to self-assessment, continuously seeking for development, better ways to work and to be a leader.


"I worked with Maija in a cooperation project in 2011. Maija is a hard-working leader, who is very cooperative and committed to what is best for the whole team."

Virpi Lehtisaari, Managing Consultant, Operations, Accenture

"Maija is an effective and objective oriented director, who has ambitious goals also on the well- being and social responsibility of her personnel."

Tuija Bäck,  Consultant, Owner, Arinna Oy

"Maija has deep understanding of various business logics. B-to-B and B-to-C systematics are clear and quickly usable, regardless of the business branch. She has evidence and ability to create national sales and marketing lines and channels from zero and the whole model of organization which can be multiplied lucratively, volume of millions of euros. Sales and marketing are integrated cost-effectively and marketing functions strongly support sales functions. As an intelligent leader, she also contributes and consults at the grass roots, being aware of the challenges her personnel and colleagues meet.

Maija's merits in the business field are astonishing! I've had admired her skills in sales, marketing and leadership in this very challenging branch for years. With her ambitious multiprofessional attitude and skills, she has created a profitable, successful chain-modelled national line of business. As a business-partner Maija is easy to work with, operating openly and frankly, concreting the subject with her practical experience.                       

Anne Penttinen, Owner, CEO, Consultica Oy